The Intelligent Robo Shariah Advisor

The term Irshad implies “Guidance” or the “Guiding Hand”. Irshad is a system that emulates, or acts in all respects, with the advisory and guidance capabilities of a human Shariah Advisor. The system in different phases of development seeks to be functionally equivalent to an Islamic legal expert in tackling specific problem domains of reasonable complexity.

Watch Irshad grow in intelligence and advise you on a range of activities - zakat management, inheritance planning, personal financial planning, capital market investments and what-have-you. Currently, Irshad is getting ready to advise you in matters related to zakat and its management.

Come, chat with Irshad. Ask anything about zakat and various Shariah issues relating to mobilization and distribution of zakat. Seek its help in calculating your zakat for this year by answering a few simple questions. You may find this strange. By chatting with Irshad, you will help its intelligence grow!

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